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Announcements for our anglers

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Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  Time to gear up for ice fishing (Roy_Randolph)
Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  New Photos are up in the gallery (Roy_Randolph)

Most recent article:

Time to gear up for ice fishing
by: Roy_Randolph
2011-12-10 20:33:53

With the white stuff falling ice fishing is just around the corner. I don’t do much myself but I know that this is a big deal for most anglers and I thought I’d try to help promote this sport and pass on what little knowledge I have on the subject as well as some good links to help you out.

Tungsten The Hot bait!

If you haven’t tried them yet now’s the time to grab a few before the shelve empty out! From what I’m told each year these are the hardest thing to find once the season ramps up.

Tungsten is much heavier than lead and allow you to use a smaller profile jig while maintaining that ability to reach the depths needed to find the fish.

This year Anglers Mart has added a few new colors to their lineup including the new Topiola flat bottom jig that add a little more action.



Anglers Mart brings back their historical 6” Pike Decoy as well as a few new colors across their entire line of decoys.



For the liteline anglers don’t forget to rig you rods with the latest spring bobbers to help you detect that ultra light bite.

Shock Spring


In closing please visit our sponsor site for a huge selection of Ice gear and baits




Political news that effects anglers

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Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  non-Canadian resident Outdoors Card (Roy_Randolph)
Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  Merging the DNR and DEQ is a great opportunity to improve management, but more p (God)

Most recent article:

non-Canadian resident Outdoors Card
by: Roy_Randolph
2010-03-29 13:32:26


For the anglers that fish St. Clair and any other Canadian waters you are now required to have a non-Canadian resident Outdoors Card along with your Canadian Fishing license.


"An Outdoors Card alone is NOT a fishing license"


Who needs to purchase a non-Canadian resident Outdoors Card and fishing license tag to fish in Ontario?

Anyone who lives outside of Canada is considered a non-resident for the purposes of fishing license regulations. Most non-residents need a fishing licence to fish in Ontario. Specifically:

Non-Canadian residents 18 years of age and over must purchase a fishing license.

Non-Canadian residents under 18 years of age may fish without a license if accompanied by an adult (resident or non-resident) who has an Ontario recreational fishing licence. Any fish caught are part of the catch and possession limit of the adult who holds the license. As another option, non-Canadian residents under 18 years may purchase a licence and any fish caught apply to the catch and possession limits of that license.

Non-Canadian residents 65 years of age or older are not exempt from licensing requirements.


Read more here at the OMNR



Tournament News

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Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  News: Honore & Bieleki Win the Monster Quest (Roy_Randolph)
Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  News: Jeff Cox Skip Johnson win the NBAA St. Clair Open (Roy_Randolph)
Read this articlePrinter ready versionE-mail to a friend  News: Hasty Boys Win White Division (Roy_Randolph)

Most recent article:

Honore & Bieleki Win the Monster Quest
by: Roy_Randolph
2011-07-09 17:39:16

It took 24.20 to win this year’s Monster Quest

Monster Quest





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